These maps are undated, but determined to be from between 12/10/24 and 6/8/27.

Scans provided by J. McDaniel. This set of division maps was believed to be from circa 1920. If anyone can provide a more accurate date, please contact me.

Pat McKinney notes that:


  • Middle Div ETT No.9 (4/28/29), G. O. No. 902 -- 4/28/29 Eff. 12:01am, Wed, May 1.1929, The Tyrone Div will be abolished. This group of maps includes the Tyrone Division, so they predate 5/1/1929.
  • Middle Div ETT No.3 (4-25-26) shows the Tipton Br. Middle Div ETT No.5 (4-24-27) no longer carries the Tipton Br. This group of maps shows the Tipton R. R. (not Br.) out of Tipton. The same? If so, then these maps would predate 4/1927.
  • Pat notes that he has a set of maps dated Jan.1, 1929, that bears the same page numberings.
  • The book has the Richmond Div which was abolished May 1, 1928. Also found that the Tipton RR was dissolved June 8,1927. So the field is narrowed to between late 1923 to early 1927.
  • Also found that the Tipton RR was dissolved June 8, 1927. So the field is narrowed to between late 1923 to early 1927.

Robert Nezlof notes that:

  • From some time in 1918 until March of 1921 there was a Juniata Division. Since there is no map of Juniata Div, I conclude they are post 1921.
  • Consistent with that, in March 1921 the Pittsburgh Terminal Division was abolished and everything returned to the divisions from which it had been taken, except for the tracks along the South Side. Those went to the Pittsburgh Division. The MOnongahela Division map shows those tracks as not part of the Mon. Div.
  • According to the 1923 CT1000, there was a branch running northwestward from Tryonville toward Union City, all in NW Penna. The branch appears to be a stub of a line which once ran to Union City, but over the years was cut back. It is named Lakesville Branch, but as of 1923 it ended several miles short of Lakesville. In any event, the Allegheny Division map (Buffalo and Allegheny Divisions page 21) shows no branch leaving the main at Tryonville, suggesting that the maps are post-1923. I've been unable to find a date for the abandonment of that branch.
  • Also, the Wheeling Division map shows the Ohio River and Western which I believe was abandoned in 1931. So, I claim the maps are from some time in the range late 1923 (the CT1000 was effective Nov. 1) to 1931.
  • Pennsylvania, Ohio and Detroit RR appears on maps of Toledo, Akron, and perhaps other divisions. According to Schotter, the PO&D was incorporated 1 July 1924. Baer has two entries: a) Aug 25, 1924 PO&D incorporated, ICC delays approval until Jan 1, 1926; and b) Sept 13, 1924 company formed, ICC approval delayed until Dec. 10, 1925. Baer also notes that effective Dec 10, 1924, CL&N, CA&C, and TO&OR merged into the PO&D.
  • Page 42 of the maps shows Baltimore and Eastern, as well as something called Maryland and Delaware Coast RR. According to Baer, the B&E was incorporated and organized in the first few days of 1924. The assets of the Maryland, Delaware and Virginia were transferred to it. Later, a portion of the MD&V assets were handed off to the M&DC May 14, 1924.
  • Assuming the railroad printed the maps without waiting for ICC approval of the PO&D maneuver, the early bound would be the beginning of 1925 (or the last few weeks of 1924). The nagging doubt comes from those "ICC delayed until..." phrases. They could move the early bound all the way up to the beginning of 1926. I'm almost able to convince myself that the railroad would have held off printing the maps until the ICC approved the changes. To have gone ahead and printed the maps before ICC approval might get the ICC ticked off and/or create a big mess if ICC didn't approve the new corporate structure.
  • Baer also notes that effective Dec 10, 1924, CL&N, CA&C, and TO&OR merged into the PO&D. What I didn't spell out was that I don't see CL&N, CA&C, TO∨ but I do see PO&D all over the place. So, early bound is after 12/10/24. That far into December 1924, one might as well say 1925.
Division or RailroadMap #
Akron Division 31
Allegheny and Buffalo Divisions 21
Allegheny Division 22
Atlantic Division 4
Baltimore Division 15
B., C. & A. Ry. and B. & V. SBT. Co. 43
B., C. & A. Ry. and B. & E. R. R. and B. & V. SBT. Co. 42
Buffalo Division 20
Chicago Terminal and Fort Wayne Divisions 37
Cincinnati Division 34
Cleveland and Pittsburgh Division 29
Columbus Division 33
Conemaugh Division 25
Cresson Division and C. T. & D. R. R. 9
Cumberland Valley Division 6
Delaware Division 16
Eastern Division 26
Elmira Division 13
Erie and Ashtabula Division 30
Grand Rapids Division 38
Indianapolis Division 39
Logansport Division 36
Long Island R. R. 41
Maryland Division 14
Middle Division 7
Monongahela Division 24
New York and Philadelphia Terminal Divisions 1
Norfolk Division 17
Panhandle Division 28
Philadelphia Division 5
Pittsburgh Division 23
Renovo Division (part one) 18
Renovo Division (part two) 19
R. F. & P. R. R.  
Richmond Division 35
Schuylkill Division 10
St. Louis Division 40
Sunbury Division 11
Toledo Division 32
Trenton Division (part one) 2
Trenton Division (part two) 3
Tyrone Division 8
Wheeling Division 27
Williamsport Division 12