demographicsView the open house tour by going under the Visitors menu and selecting Event List or Event Calendar.

When you click on a link for a model railroad venue, there are some demographics that will display, if the owner has provided them. Of particular note is one for ADA accessibility. There will also be a Google map displayed.

PDF Listings

We've been asked "Where is the PDF list of events?"

The answer is, "Right under your nose!"

The Model Railroad Open House site is database driven. Changes may occur in real time. PDF files are static as of the time they are generated. 

Our approach is this: navigate the site and display whatever events you like, whether the complete list or a list for a day. Then Print to PDF. Both Windows and MacOS have the ability to print to a PDF file rather than to an actual printer.

There you have it, a custom PDF file for your purposes!

Group Maps

Many visitors like to plan their trips based on a geographic cluster of model railroads open on the same date. To facilitate this, under the Visitors menu you will find links to maps. These maps show open houses for an entire week, plotted on Google Maps. Once viewing a map, you may toggle on/off specific days during that week and the map will update.

Note: Once generated and made available, these maps are static. They will not be updated as cancellations or new events are posted. Always check the live listings for confirmation!

But Wait, There's More!

If you register and login to the site (Registration Information), you can maintain an itinerary of events that you plan to attend. You can return later to review your travel plans.

My Event Registrations - Only available when logged in.

Many of the resulting pages will bear "ICAL" icons which enables you to have the displayed event(s) create a calendar entry for your Outlook, iCal, or other electronic calendar. Entries include address information that will directly engage a smart phone's GPS capabilities.