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We are looking timetable eastbound as two passenger trains (both pulled by Bowser power) pass at Denholm, Pa. The structures from left to right are: the tall sand tower; the ash house, with empty hopper below; the main wharf, with the wheels and levers on the lower level used to operate the coal pockets. The small structure on the right of the lower level is a shelter for the crew that work there. The building at the upper right is the summer sandhouse, with a car of sand just to its left.

The same scene from a higher angle. This shows the twin water tanks at the far left and the powerhouse at left. The brown and white in the background is the partially sceniced ganister quarry on the layout.

Denholm looking timetable westbound. Prominent in the foreground (right) is the powerhouse, with an overhead crane to lift ash cars over a waiting hopper.

A close-up of the west side of the Denholm facility, with the ash house at right. Note the ash pits in front of the K4.

A close-up of the overhead crane at the end of the powerhouse. The small ash car being lifted is conjectural -- if anyone has a good photo of what the PRR used, please let me know.