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Acquired equipment may bear predecessor reporting marks.

Prior to the acquisition of the H&BTM, the Pennsylvania Midland had been fully dieselized. The railroad plans to continue to use H&BTM steam equipment on that division and replace locomotives with diesels as they succumb to costly repairs.


Nos. Type Notes
Steam Locomotives (31-40)
31-40 2-8-0 Ex-H&BTM. Assigned Broad Top Mountain Division.
Diesel Switchers (40-59)
Diesel Road Switchers (60-79)


Nos. Type Notes
1800-1899 HT Hopper, Steel, 70 ton 20, leased from Virginian & Ohio.
3253-3743 HM Hopper, Steel, 30', 50 ton Ex-H&BTM.
3753-3808 GB Gondola, Steel, 46', 70 ton Ex-H&BTM.
39500-39999 HT Hopper, Steel, 70 ton 30, leased from Allegheny Midland.


No. Type Notes
  Rail Motor Car  
  Trailer Car  
  RPO Ex-H&BTM #5436; ex-PRR class MBM62 #5436.
  Baggage Ex-PRR class B60b.


No. Type Notes
1 Business Car  
15 Caboose Ex-H&BTM #15; ex-PRR class ND.
16 Caboose Ex-H&BTM #16; ex-PRR class ND.
17 Caboose Ex-H&BTM #17; ex-PRR class ND.