Why the Pennsylvania Railroad?

The PRR was once the largest railroad company in the world. Founded in 1846, its tracks reached 13 states and served what was once the industrial heartland of the U.S. It provided the transportation necessary for the world’s largest economy to thrive and prosper. Its services helped the country fight a Civil War and every major conflict since. 

The PRR had more track miles, more trains, more locomotives, more electrified trackage, carried more passengers and freight, and had more employees than any other railroad. Although it ceased to exist in 1968, its history, most of its right-of-way, many of its structures, and many examples of its cars and locomotives live on.

The story of the PRR is a significant part of the story of America. It is worthy of study, interpretation, and preservation.

2022, Dates to be determined -- Harrisburg, Pa. (tentative) -- Host by the Northern Central Chapter (tentative)

2021, Dates to be determined -- Columbus, Oh. (tentative) -- Hosted by the Lines West Buckeye Chapter (tentative)

2020, May 14-17 -- State College, Pa. -- Hosted by the Middle Division Chapter

2019, May 16-19 -- Strasburg, Pa. -- Hosted by the Philadelphia Chapter

2018, May 10-13 -- Altoona, Pa. -- "50th Anniversary" hosted by the members-at-large.


The mission of the Middle Division Chapter is to maintain the integrity of the historic Pennsylvania Railroad’s Lewistown station;  provide a safe, clean environment for all Amtrak patrons, as well as members and guests of the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society who visit the Station; and to generally promote interest in the Pennsylvania Railroad so that future generations may better appreciate and understand the importance of the PRR in our history.


PRR FAX was founded by Bill Strassner, (PRR hire date June 10, 1965; PRRT&HS Member #851) to expedite the sharing of accurate information regarding the Pennsylvania Railroad. It exists for all of us who admire, study and/or worked for the "Standard Railroad of the World". All factual information regarding the PRR is welcome. Accuracy is expected, and if a statement is presented as a "fact", then the reference source must be noted. Since this list is for our enjoyment, the sharing of information, learning and teaching should all be done in a friendly and civil manner at all times. Fond memories and "Rail Tales" are invited, if indicated as such, as they spice up dry factual discussions! The list membership includes a core group of former employees that has over 700 years of combined PRR/successor/related railroad experience, and represent all classes of service from Coach Cleaners to General Managers. Most of them are also PRR Technical & Historical Society Members, and have contributed as authors, reviewers, photographers, providers of PRR material, crossword puzzle creators, speakers, presenters and donors.

Lead Moderator: Ben Hom, PRRT&HS Member #3348