Paul Backenstose gave a talk at the 2001 Annual Convention of the PRRT&HS on this subject. Here is his handout, provided by him. Thank you, Paul!


Wood Stations

American Model Builders LaserKit 141 PRR New Freedom, PA Depot

Alexander RS-631 Flagstop Pennsylvania (not in production, but may be able to find at hobby shop or at train meets)

1 Story Brick Stations

Pola 741 Bahnhof Mortimer or Model Power 542 Port Chester (not Chester) Station. Leave off cupola. Sand tiles off roof, replace with shingles such as Holgate + Reynolds 103. Paint appropriate colors.

2 Story Brick Stations

Trainstuff LLC Wilmington Station

Model Power 480 2-Story Railroad Station. Do not use base. Remove roof tiles as per above. Expand platform roof with Model Power 478 Two Station Platforms. Paint appropriate colors.

Freight Stations

Stoney Express SEHO-1 Freight Depot. Ceramic model of Gap, Pa., freight station.

Station Details

Safety Railing Stanchions

P Company/Pikestuff, brass, 2 and 3 rail

Paul Backenstose, 2 rail, plastic


Peco LK-7 Subway Staircase for pedestrian underpass

Platform Lights

Woodland Scenics D248, remove "acorn" light, cut neck off Campbell 255 brass light shades, install on lamp post where light was cut off.


Underlayment plywood (approx. 3/16") or foam core, cut to shape. Cover with brick, such as Holgate + Reynolds 101. Curbstones: Evergreen 148, .040 X .188 styrene strips, cut to 5-6 ft. lengths, round corners, cut gouges in edges, scrape top edge with razor saw blade to simulate stratifications of stone. Paint: red brick - Floquil 2 parts caboose red/1 part roof brown; yellow brick ; curbstones - Floquil 150 D & H grey.


Quality Craft 105/Gloor Craft 4004 Jacks Tower

Stoney Express SE-HO-2 Switching Tower (resin assembled model of J Tower).

Bachmann Plasticville 45132 Switch Tower. Add shingles to roof, such as Holgate + Reynolds 103 replace stairs and platform with stairs from Central Valley 1602 Steps & Ladders; build platform from styrene. Paint.

Tool Shed

Kitbits/Bethlehem Car Works - Victorian Tool Shed #61 Pennsy (not in production currently, but may be re-released. Might be able to find in hobby shops.

Structure Colors

PRR Structure Color Light: Floquil 8 parts reefer white/2 parts roof brown/1 part depot buff

PRR Structure Color Dark: Floquil 5 parts roof brown/1 part reefer white


Plastruct 10085 or 85. - Vacuum formed, easily curved, must be backed up.

Ultimate Scenery System #4150 Penn/Central (?????) wall. Polyurethane foam, easily cut, bends with heat.

Chooch 8314 Cut Stone Medium Wall. Be sure and step down ends of retaining walls´┐Żno blunt ends. Add capstones from styrene, especially on Chooch walls.

Stonework Painting

  1. Paint entire wall, portal, etc. with Floquil 84 foundation, let dry thoroughly.
  2. Mix equal parts of Woodland Scenics Earth Color Liquid Pigment, C1222 Burnt Umber and C1221 Raw Umber. Brush on about 60% of the stones in a random pattern.
  3. Take some of the 50/50 mix and add a little C1216 white. Paint a few random stones.
  4. Do the same with C1219 Slate Grey, then do the same with C1229 Earth Undercoat.
  5. When all stones are colored, white vertical lines can be added at lower corners of some stones with the C1216 White and a fine brush to simulate leaching out of lime from the mortar.

    Comments, suggestions, etc., are most welcome.