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One may quickly note that this segment of the Pennsy is referred to as a "line" rather than a "branch". The York Haven Line is actually a 20-mile segment of the parallel right-of-ways of the Atglen & Susquehanna "Low Grade" Branch and the Northern Central Branch.

The Northern Central Railway was leased by the Pennsy in 19___. The stretch from Baltimore to Harrisburg was originally built as the Baltimore & Susquehanna Railroad (Baltimore to Md./Pa. state line), York & Maryland Line Railroad (Md./Pa. state line to York), and the York & Cumberland Railroad (York to Enola). These lines, and others, went bankrupt and were purchased and incorporated into the Northern Central Railway in ___.

At a location north of York, the line turned northeast towards and met the Susquehanna River at a location which would later be known as Wago Junction. From there it followed the river north to Enola.

In 19___ the PRR built the Atglen & Susquehanna (A&S) Branch, a "low grade" route from the mainline at Atglen west to Columbia, where it then turned north along the east shore of the Susquehanna River. At Shocks Mills, it crossed the river and continued north along the river on the west bank. At Wago Junction it met the Northern Central's right-of-way and continued to Enola.

Both the Northern Central and the Atglen & Susquehanna Branch, as it was called, were two-track systems. From Wago to Enola there were four tracks in all, but they continued to operate as two separate branches. This stretch of four-track right-of-way was referred to as the "York Haven Line". It was located in the PRR's Philadelphia Division except for the period of ___ when the area was in the Harrisburg ___.


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Newberry Township: The Beginning, 1700-1900, Newberry Township Heritage Committee, 1988, Centre Square Press, Mechanicsburg PA.


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Track Guide

The following is a tour of the York Haven Line, based on the 1945 edition of the Pennsylvania Railroad CT1000 -- List of Stations and Sidings.

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LocationLocationDistance from Broad Street StationDistance from Pennsylvania Station
565 Wago Junction, Pa. Junction Maryland Division * 94.6 65.8
568 York Haven, Pa. Station 96.4 67.6
Southern Kraft Corp. Nos. 2, 3, 4 & 5 96.4 67.6
Southern Kraft Corp. No. 1 96.6 67.8
Metropolitan-Edison Co. No. 1 96.6 67.8
Metropolitan-Edison Co. No. 2 96.7 67.9
569 Cly, Pa. Yard 96.8 68.0
CLY Tower 97.5 68.7
Station 97.5 68.7
571 Goldsboro, Pa. Zortman Feed Mill 99.9 71.1
Station 100.2 71.4
  Middletown-Ferry, Pa.   101.9 73.1
  Riverview, Pa.   102.3 73.5
575 Marsh Run, Pa.   105.6 76.8
U.S. Army Service Forces Depot 105.7 76.9
Yard 106.8 78.0
U.S. Army Reception Center 106.8 78.0
  580 New Cumberland, Pa. Station 109.0 80.2
M.F. Rockey 109.2 80.4
LY Lemoyne, Pa. Hempt Bros. and Smith Stone Corp. 110.5 81.7
Yard 111.1 82.3
Jct. Cumberland Valley Branch 111.0 82.2
Harrisburg Jct. 110.9 82.1
LEMO Tower 111.1 82.3
Bridge Conn. Cumberland Valley Branch 111.1 82.3
584   Low Grade Junction 112.2 83.4
585 West Fairview, Pa.   113.4 84.6
EN Enola Yard, Pa. DAY Tower 113.6 84.9
East End - Jct. Joint Facilities 113.6 84.9
Stock Pen Siding 113.7 85.0
West End - Jct. Joint Facilities 116.8 88.0
MV Marysville, Pa. Jct. Main Line-East Connection 118.2 89.0
Freight Station 118.5 89.7
Jct. Main Line-Main Connection 119.0 90.2
Jct. Main Line-West Connection 119.6 90.8