Middle Division
Hollidaysburg & Petersburg Branch
Hollidaysburg & Petersburg Secondary Track

Interlocking Interlocking
STATIONS Distance from
Sidings Assigned Direction
Car Capacity 45 ft. cars
East West Both
H. and P. Branch
X   X   PETE 0.5      
        HATFIELD 3.5      
        ALEXANDRIA 5.0      
        ALFARATA 6.2      
        WATER STREET 7.1      
        GOODMAN 8.9      
        BLAIRFOUR 10.6      
        MOUNT ETNA 11.3      
        COVEDALE 14.0      
        CLOVER CREEK JCT. 15.1      
      X SPRING 15.1      
        WILLIAMSBURG 17.3      
        GANISTER 19.3      
        CANOE CREEK JCT. 22.8      
        HORRELL 24.0      
        FRANKSTOWN 28.5      
      X FRANK 28.5      
H. and P. Secondary Track
      X FRANK 28.5      
        W. E. EAST'D ADV. TRKS. 29.4      
        E. E. RELAY YARD 29.5      
        JONES ST. HOLLBG. 30.5      
        JCT. MOR. COVE TRK. 31.0      
      X HOLLY 31.2      
        HOLLIDAYSBURG 31.3      
X X X-O   WYE 32.4      
H. & P. Branch
X X X-O   WYE 32.4      
        ELDORADO 35.6      
X       ELDO 35.6      
X X X-O   ALTO 38.6      
        ALTOONA 38.9      
X indicates in service continuously.
O indicates trainphone in service.

The direction from Petersburg to Altoona is westward.

Spring is controlled by Wye.
Frank is controlled by Wye.
Holly is controlled by Wye.
Eldo is controlled by Wye.
Pete is controlled by Hunt (Main Line).