1954 Passenger Car Roster

Road Number:4457
Car Name:
Seating Type:
Seating Capacity:38
Year On Roster:1912
Year Off Roster:1961
Assignment (1954):
Last Known Status:
Serial Number:
Build Date:1/12
Roof Type:
Air Conditioning:Mechanical
Truck Type:3D-P1
Paint (1943):
Notes:Painted in 'Fleet of Modernism'. 1/12 Built, ACS, D70. 11/40 Rebuilt, mechanical a/c installed, D70ASR. 8/61 Whitelined, awaiting disposition, D70ASR. Full-width diaphragms removed circa 1948-1949. As of June 28, 1950, car was equipped with 30 lowback mahogany chairs. 2/22/59 assigned to trains 23/24/12/61/60 (per Dining Car Department documentation).
Published Photos:'The Keystone', Vol.18 No.4, Winter 1985, p. 36, interior, November 1940. 'The Keystone', Vol.18 No.4, Winter 1985, p. 43, kitchen side, November 1940, Fleet of Modernism paint scheme. 'The Keystone', Vol.18 No.4, Winter 1985, p. 43, end view. 'Pennsylvania Dining Cars', p. 7, 1940. 'Pennsylvania Dining Cars', p. 8, 1940 interior shot.
HO Scale Models:
N Scale Models:
Builder: ACF = American Car & Foundry; ACS = Altoona Car Shops; B&S = Barney & Smith; PSC = Pressed Steel Car Co.; P-S = Pullman Standard.
Construction: Standard weight is commonly referred to as Heavyweight.

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