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Road #Car NameClassBuilderPlanConfiguration1954 AssignmentHO Scale
1157D78EDACS72 The Juniata 25 The Metropolitan / Afternoon Steeler
1158D78EDACS72 The Juniata 25 The Metropolitan / Afternoon Steeler
4400D78BACSExtra at NY
4401D78ACSExtra at NY
4402D78BACSExtra at NY
4403D78BACSExtra at St. Louis
4405D78BACSExtra at NY
4406D78BACSExtra at NY
4407D78BACSExtra at NY
4408D78BACSExtra at St. Louis
4410D78BACSExtra at NY
4411D78BACSExtra at NY
4414D78ACSExtra at NY
4415D78ACSExtra at NY
4416D78CACSExtra at NY
4417D78CACSExtra at NY
4418D78CACSExtra at NY
4460D78ACSExtra at NY
4462D78AACSExtra at NY
4466D78DACSLong Lounge Diner360-363
4467D78FPSCShort Lounge DinerExtra at NY
4468D78FACSShort Lounge Diner61-60 The Pittsburgher
4469D78FP-SShort Lounge Diner209-75 74 The Duquesne
4470D78DACSShort Lounge Diner33-32 67-66 The St. Louisian / The American
4472D78FACSPhila. Line
4473D78FACSExtra at NY
4474D78DACSExtra at NY
4475D78DACS209-75 74 The Duquesne
4476D78FACSShort Lounge DinerPhila. Line
4477D78FACSExtra at St. Louis
4478D78DP-SShort Lounge DinerExtra at NY
4479D78FP-SShort Lounge Diner61-60 The Pittsburgher
4480D78FACSExtra at NY
4481D78DACSShort Lounge Diner530-531 (Hbg-Wash)
4482D78DACSShort Lounge Diner23-22 Manhattan Limited
4483D78DDACSShort Lounge DinerExtra at NY
4484D78DDACSShort Lounge DinerExtra at NY
4488D78DACSShort Lounge Diner33-32 67-66 The St. Louisian / The American
4489D78FACSShort Lounge DinerPhila. Line
4490D78DPSCShort Lounge Diner33-32 67-66 The St. Louisian / The American
4492D78DACS202 DH207
4493D78FACSShort Lounge DinerPhila. Line
4494D78DACSShort Lounge Diner33-32 67-66 The St. Louisian / The American
4495D78DACSShort Lounge DinerExtra at Chicago
4496D78DACSShort Lounge Diner208-215
4497D78DACS39-38 The Clevelander / The Akronite
4498D78FACS23-22 Manhattan Limited
4499D78DACSLong Lounge Diner39-38 The Clevelander / The Akronite
7941D78ACSExtra at Chicago
7943D78ACSExtra at NY
7953D78ACSExtra at St. Louis
7954D78BACSExtra at St. Louis
7956D78BACSExtra at NY
7957D78ACSExtra at St. Louis
7958D78DACSExtra at St. Louis
7964D78BACSExtra at NY
7966D78ACSExtra at NY
7967D78PSCExtra at NY
7968D78BACSExtra at NY
7992D78BACSExtra at NY
7993D78ACS55-54 Gotham Limited
7994D78ACSExtra at NY
7995D78BACSExtra at NY
7997D78ACSExtra at Chicago
7998D78BACSExtra at NY

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