1954 Passenger Car Roster

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Road #Car NameClassBuilderPlanConfiguration1954 AssignmentHO Scale
4467D78FPSCShort Lounge DinerExtra at NY
4468D78FACSShort Lounge Diner61-60 The Pittsburgher
4469D78FP-SShort Lounge Diner209-75 74 The Duquesne
4472D78FACSPhila. Line
4473D78FACSExtra at NY
4476D78FACSShort Lounge DinerPhila. Line
4477D78FACSExtra at St. Louis
4479D78FP-SShort Lounge Diner61-60 The Pittsburgher
4480D78FACSExtra at NY
4489D78FACSShort Lounge DinerPhila. Line
4493D78FACSShort Lounge DinerPhila. Line
4498D78FACS23-22 Manhattan Limited

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