• An eastbound freight waits at AR tower, Gallitzin, Pa. Photograph by Philip R. Hastings, 1956. Courtesy of http://www.billspennsyphotos.com.
  • C tower, Conemaugh, Pa., ca. 1900s. Courtesy of http://www.billspennsyphotos.com.
  • In a rearward view from atop a boxcar in a westbound freight, Spruce tower is nestled between the Little Juniata River and the Main Line just west of the Spruce Creek tunnels. Photograph by Fred McLeod, July 10, 1938. Courtesy of http://www.billspennsyphotos.com.
  • JD tower, west of Johnstown, Pa., ca. 1900s. Courtesy of http://www.billspennsyphotos.com.

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Translating Interlocking Chart Symbols to Lineside Signals.

PRR Position Light Signal System  - By the Philadelphia Chapter of the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society.

Pennsylvania Railroad Signal Drawing Symbols - Based on PRR Document S-601-A, 1935  - By Henry J. Sundermeyer.

Pennsylvania Railroad Position Light Signal Rules - Based on 1956 Book of Rules  - Excellent Java app that demonstrates rules vs. signal aspects. By Henry J. Sundermeyer.

NORAC Signal Aspects Chart - Dated 1993, but still is a reference for Pennsy PL signal aspects!

The Position Light  - A blog devoted to explaining the ins and outs of North American railroad signaling, past, present and future. Some excellent PRR coverage!

Paints to Match PRR Paints


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